Information for researchers

We are always keen to support high quality research, and strive to support local and national researchers. For National Institute for Health Research studies, we work closely with the Clinical Research Network.

Research governance

Research governance is a process set up by the Department of Health, and all NHS research must accord with these requirements.  All proposed research projects that are planned to be carried out in the area are reviewed and approved by the clinical director or equivalent before they are able to commence.

In addition, larger-scale studies complete a process that is co-ordinated by an NHS national research network. These are studies adopted by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

Ethical approval may also be required from an NHS ethics committee or university.


There are a series of documents that are required to be sent to the Trust, to ensure that the study has all the necessary approvals from universities and ethics committees as appropriate. A summary of the study is made by the research office so that the relevant Trust director is able to consider any risks and other issues.

Approval is given to these studies on the understanding that regular updates on progress, and assurances of concordance with good research practice will be supplied to the Trust’s research office.

Completion of research

When the research is completed, either a summary report is produced or a presentation is made so that the research findings can be discussed, and the researcher’s achievements recognised.  Moreover, this sharing and discussion of research findings may identify possible ways of improving health care. Our research events provide another opportunity to find out more about ongoing and completed research.

If you are considering carrying out research in the Trust, we will be keen to support you where possible, and look forward to working with you. 

Performance in Initiating and Developing Research (PID)

As part of our contractual arrangements with the Department of Health, the Trust is obliged to publish its Performance on Initiating (PI) for all interventional research and its Performance on Delivery (PD) of research for all commercial interventional studies that were open at the Trust within in last 12 months. 

This link provides data on Performance in Initiating Clinical Research and Performance in Delivering Clinical Research at Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

Please contact the Research Department on 0151 488 7311 or if you require any further information.

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