Beat eating disorders

At Beat, we’re beyond excited to train, support and empower Experts by Experience  to play an active role in the Empowered Provider Collaborative programme.

Beat is the UK’s eating disorder charity. We’re on a mission to end the suffering caused by these devastating mental illnesses.

We know early intervention increases chances of recovery. So we always encourage people to seek treatment when they call our Helpline. We also support family and friends, by equipping them with essential skills and advice. We want them to help loved ones recover, without neglecting their own mental health.  

And we don’t stop there.

A huge part of our work includes researching and campaigning. We’re here to increase knowledge of eating disorders among healthcare professionals and more. We bust unhelpful myths, fight against stigma and call for better funding of high-quality treatment  – so help is actually available to those who bravely ask for it.

For that reason, we support the EmpowerED Provider Collaborative, and know it could transform the North West. We also passionately believe in co-production and the value those with lived experience can bring at every level.  

Anyone touched by an eating disorder brings a unique perspective. They provide critical insight and inform how current care and support can be improved.  When power is genuinely shared, discussions are more grounded and both, service users and their carers, are more likely to be placed at the centre of thinking, planning and provision.

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