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Please note this is media information for Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

If you would like to contact the Communications team at the Countess of Chester Hospital, please contact 01244 362116 or email

If you wish to get in contact with the press office or follow up on any press releases, news articles or if you need details on events please contact:

Communications and Engagement Team
Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
Trust Headquarters Redesmere
Countess of Chester Health Park
Liverpool Road

Tel: 01244 397397

  • How we use Twitter

    We use Twitter to communicate clearly and quickly to people interested in our work. It is an information feed for Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CWP). If you are in need of immediate help or support, please contact your GP.

    Follow us for the latest updates: 

    • @CWPNHS
    • @MyMindFeed
    • @CWPMyWellbeing
    • @CWP_IPC
    • @CWP_EDS

    So that we can use Twitter in the most effective way and encourage lively discussions, we ask that anyone engaging with us via Twitter follows the Twitter rules.

    Twitter as a source of official policy

    Tweets should not be considered as the authoritative source of new policy or guidance.


    CWP’s decision to follow a particular Twitter user does not imply endorsement of any kind. We follow accounts on Twitter we believe are relevant to our work. This could include following the Twitter accounts of companies and other commercial enterprises (and/or their employees) who comment on issues related to CWP.

    Comments and questions

    We welcome your comments and feedback however we may not respond if your message contains:

    • personal attacks, bullying or derogatory references to CWP staff and/or departments
    • offensive language about the work of the organisation or its employees
    • hate speech, profanity, obscenity or vulgarity
    • off-topic comments and questions
    • spam or any other comments posted with the intention of marketing products or for other commercial or promotional purposes
    • unacceptable images
    • intellectual property infringement or copyright abuse
    • medically unsafe or scientifically unsound claims or practice
    • vexatious or repeated comments/questions

    Comments/replies posted on our Twitter, blog or YouTube account which are not posted by CWP do not necessarily represent our views.  

    We take care to ensure any information we share – such as a retweet – comes from credible sources. However, we do not necessarily support or endorse all content on any feeds/websites mentioned on our social media channels.

    Retweets (RTs)

    Tweets we repeat (RT) do not imply endorsement on the part of CWP. We may retweet news, links and personal observations we believe are relevant to the work we do.

    @Replies and Direct Messages

    We will read all @replies and Direct Messages sent to us and, when possible, will respond to them. 

    Receiving a response from CWP

    CWP’s Twitter feed is monitored between 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. In order to provide a more detailed response, we may direct queries to



  • Freedom of Information



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