Patient and colleague stories - including digital stories

We appreciate hearing about your personal journeys within our services. Tell us your story.

There are many different ways you can share your personal journey with us, from submitting a story or picture or sharing your videos. If you would be interested in sharing your story, please contact your local Participation Worker.

A leaflet has been produced outlining how you can share your patient stories. You can find the leaflet by clicking here.


  • Digital stories

    Beech Wheelchairs


    Speak up - Believe in yourself


    Proud to be black and working for CWP

    My experience of the Intensive Support Services (ISS)

    The importance of visuals in supporting communication

    Supporting my family - Team around the family (TAF)

    Risk assessments - The benefits of coproduction

    Finding my birth family

    In memory of Robert


    Road to recovery

    Making my way back to me


    Looking to the future

    What to expect when going for an ADHD assessment

    Something to Celebrate

    My CWP Journey from patient to professional

     Facing my biggest fear 

     Jim and Judes story 

    Julie's Story

    Trying to be me- digital story

    Hidden Exclusions


    Patient Story - Stella

    Patient Story - Robert Walker

    Patient Story - Frank Fray

  • Written stories

    Jane's Story

    "I want my story to help other people who might be going through the same thing and struggling, like I was struggling."

    "I can tell you in detail how it was for me, I can tell you every word how I really felt."

    Click here to read Jane's Story.

    Amanda's story

    Amanda shares her experience of being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder as an adult. Read her story here.

    Why fit in when you are born to stand out

    Working in the NHS and having autism. Click here to read the story


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