Additional NHS funding pledged for child mental health

by CWP News - 31 March 2017

CWP welcomes the additional funding pledged by NHS England today for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) as part of the 5 Year Forward View - Next Steps.  The increased availability of beds and services will help to end the need for young people having to travel sometimes long distances for specialist care in inpatient facilities.

Ancora House, based in Chester is run by Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and is a leading example of Tier 4 highly specialised, evidence-based treatment for young people across England.

Dr Anushta Sivananthan, CWP Consultant Psychiatrist and Medical Director said: “We really welcome the proposals to improve timely treatment in the local community for young people and to access the right treatment in the right place. We know this results in far less disruption to young people and their families and improved aftercare.

“Investment in Tier 2 and 3 services and other initiatives such as engaging with schools will lead to earlier detection, support and intervention of mental health conditions.  We can then provide the best evidence based treatment for those with the greatest need and help them to live fulfilling lives.”

The £14m development with 26 beds, offers state of the art facilities including a school which has recently received its third consecutive ‘Outstanding’ judgement from Ofsted. Here young people are able to continue their studies up to A Level standard and keep in touch with the outside world through education.

Sophie Shasby (19), a previous CAMHS inpatient and now a Young Advisor, helps to raise awareness of young people’s mental health problems.  Sophie says:  “Location is so important to young people.  Nobody wants to end up in hospital for any period of time and it really helps to be nearer to your friends and family.  Local treatment is the best option.”

Community care is key and CWP also provide assessment and outreach services which work closely with young people in a person-centred way – helping them consider the right treatment for them which often includes community based therapy and interventions closer to where they live.

Dr Laurie Van Niekerk, CWP Child and Adolescent Consultant Psychiatrist, added: “Our aim is to enable and empower young people. We want young people to feel supported and able to get on with their lives.”

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