CWP celebrates 2308 years of service

by CWP News - 27 November 2015

Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CWP) held its annual celebration of long service on Friday 13 November, honouring a total of 86 staff who have achieved 2308 years of continuous NHS service.

Staff from West Cheshire clocked up an astonishing 799 years, East Cheshire 824 years and Wirral 415 years. Nine members of the corporate services across the trust were awarded for their total of 270 years long service.

Andy Styring, Director of Operations received his long service award for 40 years of dedication to the NHS.  Andy started his career as a trainee learning disabilities nurse in 1974 and has worked for CWP since 1989.

Andy said, “Since joining CWP I have seen many positive results in care for service users and carers.  Looking forward I will be striving to ensure that high standards and quality of care are maintained.  I have thoroughly enjoyed and embraced my time working in CWP and enjoy working in partnerships. I am delighted to be a part of the CWP team.”

West Clerical Officer Jill White, who received her long standing award for forty years of dedication to the NHS, said, “I have thoroughly enjoyed my 41 years working in the Estates Department of Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.  Over these years, I have worked with many dedicated colleagues and seen many changes of the Health Service especially within Mental Health care.”

Janette Marchbank, East Community Learning Disability Nurse, who received her long service award for thirty years of dedication to the NHS, said: “I have had 30 very busy years with the NHS and gained some good experiences which have helped me develop as an individual in my work and personal life. I feel appreciated receiving this award for the work and dedication I have given.”

Daniel Acton, Health Facilitator at Ashton House in Wirral, who received his service award for twenty years of dedication to the NHS, said: “It was great to be recognised for 20 years’ service by CWP, a great and supportive event - I look forward to another 20 years of working for the NHS.”

The awards were presented by chairman David Eva and chief executive Sheena Cumiskey, following an introduction from David Harris, head of people and organisation and development who delivered a personal thank you for all the dedication and commitment of CWP staff.

David Eva said, “I always enjoy the Recognition of Service award because it is a great opportunity to show staff and their loved ones that the Trust and NHS recognises their commitment. It’s great to be able to personally thank them face to face for the work they put into making our services the best they can be.”

He added: “This was my last award ceremony as Chairman so it was particularly important for me to be there to say thank you. The work that our staff do for some of the most vulnerable people in our society is a huge contribution to making our world better and the Recognition of Service awards always brings a great cross-section of people together to celebrate this. I hope those who received their awards enjoyed the experience as much as I did!”

Sheena Cumiskey said, “Our staff are totally committed to providing outstanding care and being able to sustain this over so many years is something that is a special achievement. I took great pleasure in recognising and applauding this at this year’s Recognition of Service awards.”

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