CWP offers a new way for young people to receive health support online

by CWP News - 11 December 2015

Young people in West Cheshire are now able to receive mental and physical health support from health professionals online.

‘MyWell-being Online’, launched by CWP, directly connects young people with local health professionals to discuss personal health issues without necessarily needing to be referred into clinical services.

The feature – which allows young people to get in touch with professionals with concerns such as low mood, exam stress and relationships – is being provided by the Trust’s 5-19 Health and Well-being Service. This service will expand the traditional ‘school nursing’ role to one that will have a stronger presence in the local community beyond school settings and support both mental and physical health issues.

Andy Styring, CWP’s director of operations, said: “We appreciate that communicating online is the way many young people engage with each other and the wider world. MyWell-being Online will support them to raise any concerns about their own health that otherwise they may not feel comfortable talking about, in a way that suits them.

“Everything about this new service has been co-designed by young people in West Cheshire. We’ve been into a number of local schools to discuss how they want to access health support, and the service has been shaped by their feedback.”

MyWell-being Online will be one tool within the 5-19 Health and Well-being Service’s wider online package, – a website due for launch at the end of December. In addition to bringing local young people and health professionals together, also provides a digital hub of information about a host of health-related topics, such as staying safe, growing up and thoughts and feelings, with specific content for primary, secondary and 16+ ages, as well as resources for parents, carers and professionals.

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