CWP paving the way for ‘Positive Practice’

by CWP News - 26 September 2017

Two CWP services have been shortlisted for this year’s Positive Practice Mental Health Awards.

The Wirral Primary Mental Health Team, which is run by Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CWP), recently launched a programme for ‘Future in Mind’ which saw CWP CAMHS staff training those who work with or care for children with mental health issues to provide guidance and support.

The programme was nominated for the ‘Primary and Secondary Mental Health Care Collaboration’ category and the ‘Improving Access & Outcomes in Education’ category and has been shortlisted for both awards.

Vicky Dunham, team manager for Wirral CAMHS Primary Mental Health Team, said: “The work we’re doing for Future in Mind is something I’m extremely proud of, and I am delighted that it has been shortlisted for these awards. Our aim is to ensure that the people that work with children and young people – teachers, GPs, parents – know how to support someone that might be struggling with their mental health, and that they have someone to talk to for advice and guidance.”

Alongside this, CWP’s Young Advisors, in collaboration with the Central and East CAMHS Primary Mental Health Team, were shortlisted for the ‘Innovation in Children and Young People’s MH (NHS England)’ award for their Young Advisor A&E, GP and Paediatric mental health training initiative.

Claire Evans, Participation and Engagement Lead for Central and East and leader of the Young Advisor programme, said: “I’m thrilled that our initiative has been shortlisted for the Innovation in Children and Young People’s MH award. It is something that is very close to my heart and to see it recognised in such a way just reinforces that we are making a difference. “

The Positive Practice Mental Health Awards are run by the Positive Practice MH Collaborative, a user led multi agency collaborative of seventy-five organisations, including NHS Trusts, CCG’s, Police Forces, third sector providers, front line charities and service user groups. The awards aim to identify, and disseminate positive practice in mental health services by working together across organisations and sectors, to facilitate shared learning, and to raise the profile of mental health with politicians and policy makers.

The awards are due to take place on the 12 October in Blackpool.

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