Guest blog: Gary Flockhart (International Nurses Day)

by CWP News - 12 May 2020

I am so proud to be a nurse. I always have been, ever since I started as a D grade staff nurse at the Bethlem Royal hospital, South London, some 24 years ago.

It is truly one of the most rewarding professions. We dedicate ourselves to the care of those who need it most, acting with compassion, competence, courage and commitment, whilst also trying to provide some much-needed solace, as a person to talk to when a family member or loved one is receiving care. Choosing a career as a nurse is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

So today, International Nurses Day, I join the millions around the world in recognising the invaluable contribution our nurses make to healthcare provision, each day, all year round. We celebrate this on 12th May every year, the birthday of Florence Nightingale, considered by many to be the pioneer of modern nursing.

This International Nurses Day also falls during the first ever International Year of the Nurse and Midwife, a campaign aimed at recognising and celebrating the expert clinical care nurses and midwives bring, as well as the profound impact they make on the lives of so many.

It also comes during our present challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. I know a lot has already been said about the current situation. It has affected all of our lives in a way that none of us could have predicted.

As Director of Nursing at #TeamCWP since 2019, I have seen first-hand the complete dedication of our nurses to providing compassionate and safe care. In meeting the challenges we currently face, our nurses have been unwavering in their commitment to this and it has been truly humbling to see their dedication in action.

I know from colleagues at other Trusts that this is a commitment that has been reflected across the country. The response from the public has been fantastic, as the weekly “Clap for Carers” on Thursday nights is evidence of. It really reflects the sense of gratitude that we all feel, for all that our nurses are doing; they are stepping up at a time when we have needed them most.

So please join me this International Nurses Day in paying tribute to our wonderful nurses. I am extremely proud to be a part of the nursing profession and of all our nurses at #TeamCWP. I thank you all for your contributions.

I would also like, on International Nurses Day, to extend my thanks to all staff in the NHS who continue to display extraordinary commitment to support those who access our services.

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