Local health trust inspires nurses of the future

16 May 2019

People from all over Cheshire and Wirral came along to Cheshire Oaks on Sunday 12 May to celebrate International Nurses Day.

CWP marked the day by hosting a ‘Bring your future nurse to work day’, where budding young nurses could meet some of those who work in the profession and learn how rewarding a career in healthcare can be.

Held at CWP’s Sycamore House, the day was packed with activities including introductory sessions in first aid, wound care and mindfulness. Children also had the opportunity to take part in teddy bear triage and were also encouraged to learn how to bandage their favourite cuddly toy.

We were also delighted to welcome 10-year-old Maddison Ormond-Donnelly to the event with her mum, Amy who is a mental health nurse. Maddison had previously told Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, that she also wanted to be a mental health nurse, during a royal visit to Birkenhead.

Avril Devaney MBE, CWP director of nursing and therapies said: “I would like to thank everyone who came down on Sunday and made the day such a fantastic event.

“I got to meet so many aspiring nurses and it is great to see people of all ages thinking about a career in healthcare. I began my nursing career in 1983 and I have never looked back, it is an amazing career and a privileged position of making a difference to others every single day.” We would encourage anyone interested in becoming a nurse to take a look at our ‘Working for us’ page on our website, for people of all ages looking for an excellent opportunity to learn more about a career at CWP.

Cathy Walsh, CWP associate director of patient and carer experience said: “I am very proud to say that I have two daughters who are mental health nurses working at CWP. Both of them will tell you that they never envisaged a career in nursing, that is until one day they came to work with me.

“They met some fantastic and enthusiastic mental health nurses who shared their experiences which led to their desire to become nurses, I hope everyone who attended, went away feeling that a career in nursing is a possibility for them.”

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