Nursing Associates Blog - November 2017 - Kerry Roberts

07 December 2017

Hello, my name is Kerry and I am training to be Nursing Associate.

Since my last blog I have been on two inpatient wards. Firstly, a Physical Health ward at Arrowe Park Hospital. Whilst there, I was able to take my knowledge from my first placement, in the community, to a ward setting. This placement helped me to develop my skills and gave me a good insight into working on a ward.

My current placement is back at Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CWP) at Bowmere Hospital. This time, I am on Beech Ward, which is an acute mental health ward. This was my first experience working on an inpatient mental health ward and has given me a better understanding of care delivered on a ward.

My mentors on the ward have taken the time to work with me and have given me the support I needed for my transition to a mental health inpatient ward. This has been done along with the help of third year nursing students and other staff members. I have slowly been able to increase my confidence on the ward and develop my skills and understanding within mental health.

I have learned how the wards work within a multi-disciplinary team, to ensure a positive discharge back into the community, and that service users receive appropriate care once discharged.

From spending time on both a physical health ward and a mental health ward, this has expanded my knowledge and skills whilst training as a nursing associate and this will help me within future placements. I can see the role developing in the future and being a benefit to all patients regardless of the reason care is required.

I am enjoying developing and improving my skills whilst training to become nursing associate and I’m looking forward to taking my skills learnt to my next placement with the Community mental health team.

Senior Nursing Update - Andrea Hughes

I continue to be thrilled and impressed by the progress that our Nursing Associate trainees are making. Hearing from hard-working students like Kerry really brings home the benefits that the person centred approach to the programme brings.

Kerry’s experience shows the value that experiencing care provided in multiple settings brings as she has really been able to expand her skill set and increase her confidence in her developing skills. From the feedback that we receive, we know that this is reflected across our Nursing Associate trainees.

As we approach the Christmas period, we have been inspired by the success of the first year of the programme. I would like to congratulate all of our Nursing Associates for their hard work over the last year, and also extend my thanks to our workforce who have embraced the role and made our Trainees feel so welcome.

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