Quality Improvement and Me - Dr Lisa Thompson

05 September 2019

My name is Dr Lisa Thompson and I am a Clinical Psychologist and Strategic Lead for LD-CAMHS CWP. I support children/young people with learning disabilities, and their families.

Currently, it is an exciting time within Wirral CAMHS, as we are in the process of introducing new initiatives in the service, and considering how sharing skills and knowledge across teams can enhance the delivery of truly person-centred, needs led care.

The new thinking acquired, following my recent QI training, will be invaluable in supporting these new innovations in Wirral CAMHS.   

What does Quality Improvement mean to me?

I am proud to have been given the chance to take part in the recent OI training. This training certainly opened my eyes as to the QI opportunities that exist, in almost every aspect of my day to day work.

Prior to attending the training I would reflect on how processes within our service could be adapted to run more efficiently.  But to be honest, I will admit to ‘getting stuck’, as a tendency to over process observations, did at times become a barrier to implementing and testing change!

QI has taught me to not over process, start small, measure the impact of small changes, celebrate success and move forward.  You may question whether small projects have an impact, but the QI training certainly assured me that they do!

What new skills do I have since being trained as a QI Expert?

Not only has QI training equipped me with new skills and knowledge, it has enabled me to blow the cobwebs off skills that laid dormant for some time.

I now have access to a range of tools and methodology that prevent me from over processing and ‘getting stuck’, even if I encounter a challenge in my QI journey, I can call on my QI buddies for advice and support. 

How will this change/impact the work I do within my service area?

Following my QI training I feel I have a helicopter view of a landscape where opportunities for development are visible and achievable.

Positive examples of improvement I’m supporting

I am excited to share, along with my colleagues in Wirral CLDT, our involvement in an NHSI Improving Healthcare Transition Collaborative.  We had a wonderful opportunity this week to meet with Angela Horsley, Head of Children, Young People and Transition at NHS Improvement and NHS England.

It was reassuring to hear Angela also confirmed that small QI projects have the potential to implement effective change.

My message to you is join the QI revolution! I am here to help too!


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