Quality improvement – where do I come in?

02 May 2019

CWP Medical Director Dr Anushta Sivananthan introduces our new Quality Improvement Experts and describes how they will help make QI meaningful for everyone at CWP.

Chances are you’ve heard the term Quality Improvement (or QI) quite a bit over the last year or so.

In addition to us launching our Quality Improvement Strategy (and summary) in 2018, you may have been involved in one of the key improvement projects we’ve supported over recent months – or even received some of our dedicated improvement training.

Ultimately, QI is about understanding the needs of the people we serve and using helpful techniques to provide safe, effective person centred care with great experience.

And our QI strategy is a way to help us all look at what we do and think if we can do it better.

I know that lots of people in Team CWP have great ideas to improve care. The QI strategy will support you to implement good ideas and improvements, supported by your managers. The good ideas and improvements may be big or small, but will make a difference. We want to make it easier to provide the best care.

Our challenge is to now ensure that this call to action can be made meaningful to everyone at CWP.  It doesn’t matter what your role is, I would like to encourage you to find out more about QI and think about what you would like to do to improve things in the area you work. To help us take this step we’ve recently trained 15 CWP Quality Improvement Experts (you may hear me calling them our QI Ninjas!).

Our Experts are based across all care groups and clinical support services. They have been asked to support people within their service areas to consider what may need to be improved/changed and support this change using the new skills they have developed.

Who are our Quality Improvement Experts?

  • Julie Wilson, Senior Occupational Therapist
  • Dr Anushta Sivananthan, Medical Director
  • Charlie Ingram Head of Clinical Service
  • Sue Grave, Community Staff Nurse
  • Suzanne Jones, Specialist Mental Health Project Manager
  • Angela Campbell, CAMHS Tier 4 Manager
  • Lauren Connah, Transformation & Change Manager
  • Mike Babbs, Project Manager, Effective services
  • Kate Baxter, Patient Safety Improvement Manager
  • Daniel Allmark, Head of Estates
  • Luke Hudson, Information Analyst
  • Jane Thomas, Head of ICT
  • Catherine de Zwaan, Patient and Carer Experience Team Manager
  • Tony Chare, Project Manager, Estates
  • Scott Maull, Divisional Business Accountant
  • Carmel Hopkins, HR Advisor
  • Ben Lee, Safe Services Team Administrator

Our Experts will use their knowledge and skills of quality improvement methodology to give all colleagues the confidence to drive forward the change they want to see.

You’ll be hearing a lot over the coming months about what being a QI Expert means to our freshly trained cohort, and how they will put their learning into action.

As a newly trained QI Expert myself, I think it’s only fair that I get the ball rolling! You can hear my thoughts about what being a QI Expert means to me by watching my video (remeber to open in Chrome if on the CWP network!).

If you want to find out more about Quality Improvement, remember to visit our dedicated QI staff portal.

The new QI Experts complement the improvement expertise already available in the Transformation and Change Team. You can read the latest blog by our Transformation and Change Team here

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