Self-Care Week teaches local people to manage mental health

25 November 2016

CWP has been supporting people across Cheshire and Wirral to manage their own mental health conditions as part of Self-Care Week.

Our Recovery Colleges hosted more than 17 different courses as part of the campaign to raise awareness of techniques to improve individual health and wellbeing.

Sessions ranged from ‘Mindfulness’ to ‘Anxiety Management’ courses, whilst others offered advice on ‘Taking Control’ of your wellbeing or ‘Living Well With Dementia’.

Emma Pickup is a tutor at CWP Central and East Cheshire Recovery College. She said: “Self-care is something we all do as a way to keep going so that we can manage our lives more effectively.

“Self-Care Week has been all about raising awareness of techniques and ways of thinking that people may not be aware of.

“By educating people about the self-care options available to them, we can help them to manage any challenges they may encounter, and we can improve peoples’ individual wellbeing so that they can live more fulfilling lives.”

Speaking on behalf of CWP’s Wirral Education for Wellbeing team, Trainee Assistant Practitioner Simon LeCozzanet added: “‘Self-care is important as individuals are enabled to make positive lifestyle choices to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding so that they can live more fulfilling lives.

“Self-care is also key as individuals develop the resilience to face and overcome health issues as well as develop successful strategies to manage their own conditions.”

Sandra Lewis, Lead Co-ordinator at West Cheshire Recovery College, said: “Our courses are both written and delivered by service users and professionals so that each session supports the day to day reality of living with a mental health condition. 

“Students build new skills, knowledge and understanding to help them to manage their own mental health and wellbeing.”

 A service user attending CWP’s West Cheshire Recovery College said: “The college have encouraged me to rationalise my life and feel more positive about myself.

“The course has given me the confidence and knowledge to achieve things, and has helped me to understand how I can help myself.”

Find out more information on our Recovery Colleges here.


Photo: CWP Recovery College Tutor Emma Pickup teaches self-care techniques to a service user 

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