Sheena Cumiskey blog - mental health awareness week

15 May 2019

This week, we, as a trust, are delighted to support Mental Health Awareness Week, an annual campaign organised by the Mental Health Foundation.

The aim of this initiative is to increase awareness of the issues surrounding mental health and also to reduce the stigma associated with conditions. Each year’s campaign revolves around a different theme and, this year, the theme is Body Image. We are all encouraged to consider how we think and feel about our bodies.

Having concerns about your body image can affect any person of any age. It is a relatively common experience and is not a mental health problem in and of itself. However, it can be a risk factor for health issues such as psychological distress, unhealthy eating behaviours and eating disorders.

According to the Mental Health Foundation, one in five adults in the United Kingdom have felt shame because of their body image in the last year. So, the issue is more important now than it has ever been.

During the week, they will be publishing new research demonstrating why our body image can impact the way we feel. Be sure to check out their website if you want to find out more.  

For our part, we at CWP have a whole host of activity lined up to raise awareness of issues surrounding Body Image and other mental health issues. I urge all of you to check out our Twitter handle: @cwpnhs to keep up to date.

One piece I am pleased to see we have already shared is the inspirational story of 15 year old Abi Simioni from Great Sutton in Cheshire. In the story, Abi shares her experience of living with an eating disorder and how seeking help with her condition has been of enormous benefit to her.

Her strength of spirit is a great credit to her, as is her wish to use her experience to help other people experiencing similar issues. To learn more about her journey, read her story here.  

In addition, we were also delighted to see our very own associate director of nursing and therapies Gary Flockhart, contribute to a piece in the Guardian newspaper around new job roles in mental health. We will also be sharing details of our invaluable Crisis Resolution teams as well, through our Twitter account.

If you feel you are struggling with concerns over your body image, or your mental health, it is important to know that help is available. To find out more about what help is available, please click here.

In the meantime, I hope that you will join me, and our trust, in helping to raise awareness of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week. We are delighted to support the campaign.

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