Sheena's Blog: Care and compassion

by Sheena Cumiskey - 29 October 2015

Life for all of us can be very challenging at times but what makes a difference in how we deal with these challenges is how others respond to us. If people are kind and treat us with compassion and respect as a fellow human being then it makes things seem easier but if we get the opposite response then that small hill instantly becomes a mountain. So please take a moment to pause and think how we can help each other with our challenges. Maria Nelligan and Ian Hall have recently had an article published about 'Helping nurses reconnect with their compassion​' following their work around the Heart of Leadership course, which may give you some food for thought. You can find this on the Nursing Times online. 

Just as a gentle nudge to those of you who haven't yet filled in your staff survey forms please do take a few minutes to do so. Your views are really valued both so we can see what is working well but also what we can do differently and better. You could be in with a chance of winning a prize for early responder.

Finally I just wanted to share with you my excitement in listening to a presentation at our Trust Board yesterday by Mahesh our Clinical Director for West and our lead clinician for learning disabilities (LD) on our strategy for ensuring our LD services continue to further improve outcomes for people. Mahesh has a great gift for bringing services to life by telling anonymised patient stories that demonstrate how we need to focus on people as individuals and support them to be the best they can be in sometimes very challenging circumstances through compassion.

Stay safe at the Bonfire Night celebrations next week.



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