Sheena's Blog: Making time to talk

by Sheena Cumiskey - 04 February 2016

At last it feels that the evenings are getting lighter and the dark days of winter will soon be behind us. I am personally very lucky to have lots of people to talk to to help me through dark days but many people don’t so I am really pleased that this week is the launch of a national campaign very close to my heart. ‘Time to Talk’ Day launches today and is an annual appeal to everyone across the country to get talking about mental health. While this may be part of something a lot of us do every day in our roles, I welcome the opportunity to shine the spotlight on a healthy conversation about both mental and physical health.

The people behind Time to Talk have found that despite mental health problems affecting 1 in 4 people every year, too often people are afraid to talk about their experiences because they fear it will affect their jobs or relationships. It’s so important that everyone is aware of how to access the support they need – and to take five minutes to stop for a cup of tea and a chat. If you would like to speak to someone here at CWP, call Staff Support on 01244 397589.

Please do take the time to ask someone how they are doing, and you never know where the conversation may lead. Let me know if you have any particularly insightful conversations, as often a quick catch up can prove very insightful and we can learn so much from each other.

I really value hearing from people who access our services and our annual community mental health survey is a great way of capturing those views. If you, someone you care for or work with receives a copy of this, please use this as a chance to help us to provide the best possible care by sharing your experience. Our PALS team are happy to answer queries around this, should you want to find out more. They can be contacted on 0800 195 4462.

Finally, can I remind you that it isn’t too late to have your flu vaccination, if you haven’t already had it.  In a previous blog I mentioned how important immunisation is, especially for those delivering services and who are in contact with vulnerable people.  This is still important even though we’re all hoping the weather will change soon and start to warm up.  So if you haven’t had your jab yet but would like to, there are a further three clinics taking place in February to enable staff who haven’t yet received their vaccination to drop in and be immunised by colleagues.  For more information contact your local Occupational Health team


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