Sheena's Blog: Staff Survey – working through the pandemic

19 March 2021

I wanted to start this blog by saying how incredibly proud I am to be chief executive of such a caring, compassionate and hard-working organisation. The past 12 months have been incredibly challenging for us all, yet every member of #TeamCWP has gone above and beyond their duties through the COVID-19 pandemic to continue to support and care for people accessing CWP services and their loved ones. 

In many cases, teams have had to work in different ways, locations and in different roles and I want to send a huge thank you to you all for doing so in such a professional way, working together when the going has been incredibly tough. 

In the height of the pandemic last year, everyone at CWP was asked to complete the annual NHS staff survey which is one of the best indicators of how well we are doing as a Trust and provides invaluable insight into understanding your experiences of working in the NHS, particularly during COVID-19. 

Your wellbeing and experience of working at CWP is central to us being a successful organisation, as we know that if we don’t care for ourselves and our colleagues, we won’t be able to provide the best possible care to people accessing our services. I welcome any opportunity to learn and hear about your experiences and this will become a core part of our emerging new Trust strategy which will guide us through the coming years.

The results from this year’s survey show we belong to an organisation where staff believe that care is our number one priority. I’m so proud to hear this, especially as this value is core to our Six Cs.

Some of our survey’s positive findings include:

CWP scores the highest in the North West (when looking at comparable mental health, learning disability and community Trusts) for staff being “happy with the standard of care if a friend or relative needed treatment” – something which gives me an enormous sense of pride. We also ranked highest for staff “recommending CWP as a place to work”.

Furthermore, the results also indicate that CWP acts “fairly in regard to career progression” and that we have made significant strides over the last two years to better improve the equipment available to teams to undertake their work as effectively as possible.

The key areas of improvement across CWP from 2019 to 2020 are:

  • 14% improvement in people who in the last three months, have not come to work when not feeling well enough to perform duties;
  • 14% improvement in people who have adequate materials, supplies and equipment to do their work;
  • 7% improvement in effective communication between senior management and staff;
  • 6% improvement in staff being given feedback about changes made in response to reported errors/near misses/incidents;
  • 6% improvement in there being enough staff at CWP for individuals to do their jobs properly.

Although there are many positives to take away from the survey, we still have areas of improvement to further address including: 

  • Staff who have felt unwell due to work related stress;
  • Communication between team members to discuss the team's effectiveness;
  • Staff experiencing musculoskeletal (MSK) problems as a result of work activities.

We will be reaching out to teams later this year as part of developing the new Trust strategy to talk about how we can best address some of these issues to ensure that CWP is an organisation that not only provides the best care for people accessing our services, but provides the best support for staff too. 

Thank you again to everyone who took part in the survey. You can view staff survey results by visiting If any members of staff have questions regarding the survey, or wish to provide further feedback, please contact a member of our Organisational Development team

Very best wishes and thank you again. 







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