Sheena's blog: the journey of change

by Sheena Cumiskey - 04 August 2016

Recently, you may have read about the launch of NHS England's ‘Implementing the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health'.

The report outlines the changes that people will see over the coming years in response to the Mental Health Taskforce’s recommendations to improve care.

It provides a blueprint for the changes that NHS staff, organisations and other parts of the system can make to improve mental health while acknowledging the challenge of limited resources.

Indeed, it’s this need for a changing system - combined with a commitment to empowering people to make decisions about their own care - that is driving a nationwide transformation agenda, and we’re no different.

Of course, facing up to these challenges isn’t easy. And times of change can lead to feelings of anxiety and uncertainty for those who access our services, our staff and indeed anyone that cares about the future of the NHS.

There’s no doubt that the NHS is currently in a period of transition. At CWP, we’re involved in a number of service change initiatives, driven by this national change agenda. To name a few: we are looking at how we further improve our services in the Central and Eastern Cheshire; we are considering how best to deliver electro convulsive therapy (ECT) across the Trust; we are introducing eating disorders specialists into our community CAMHS teams; we are reshaping our admin services in West and Wirral and, of course, we will soon be opening our brand new regional CAMHS inpatient unit Ancora House.

There’s no escaping the fact that change is inevitable if we are to continue providing the best possible care in a difficult financial climate. There are, however, a number of things that I would like to reassure everyone involved with CWP:

  • Our commitment to being person centred runs through everything we do. We will continue to support personalised recovery and empower people to express their preferences and make meaningful choices. We will soon be launching an official Person Centred Framework. But before we do, we want you to have your say about these principles.
  • We are dedicated to improving quality and reducing harm. Recently, we introduced our new Acute Care Standards, which outline our commitment to delivering care in the least restrictive setting and provide assurances on what to expect during pre-acute, inpatient and discharge.
  • We will always be led by the voice of those who access our services and our local population. At times of change, it’s vital that everybody feels adequately engaged and aware of available options. Over the coming months we will be involved in a number of public consultations to ensure we understand how people want services to be delivered. This two-way dialogue will always be considered during conversations with commissioners and partners.

Best wishes,


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