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22 January 2019

Hello and welcome to the first, re-branded, Transformation and Change Team blog post! We hope you’ve had a merry Christmas and brought in the New Year in style. Hopefully we’ll be able to help bring your New Year’s Resolutions, of improving your service, to fruition!

For those of you who have been following the Service Improvement Blog over the past few months, you will be aware that the Service Improvement Team is now the Transformation and Change Team. If you are reading this blog for the first time, it’s a great chance to get to know the team and what we’ve been up to in the previous month, as well as bringing some encouragement to help CWP become the best it can be.

Transformation and Change Team:

  • Safieh Fraser – Transformation Manager
  • Lauren Connah – Transformation Manager (on Maternity Leave)
  • Beccy Cummings – Transformation Manager
  • Mike Babbs – Project Manager
  • Kyle Blackwood – Service Improvement Project Officer

Looking Ahead

As it’s now 2019 we thought this would be a great time to recap some of the projects we were involved in in 2018 to give you some inspiration and recognition of the great Quality Improvement Projects that we were lucky enough to be a part of last year.

So, in no particular order, here is a summary of a few of our Projects from 2018:

  • Enhancing Our Teams

    This is an ongoing project that’s based within the Neighbourhood Based Care Group. With the goal of enhancing decision making, cohesiveness and, ultimately, happiness within Community Care Teams. Using models inspired by Buurtzorg and Timpson, this project aims to provide better care at home, demonstrating value for money by meeting the needs of the community.

    By focusing on humanity over bureaucracy and simplicity instead of complexity, we will be able to create networks, rather than hierarchies, this will lead to prevention rather than cure to our service users.

  • CWP Q Network

    A big initiative from the Transformation and Change Team is the CWP Q Network. The ethos of this is to encourage and support Quality Improvement throughout the Trust by establishing a forum for all i2i graduates to come together, share best practice and seek support from colleagues with a vested interested in improvement.

    The events, which will run quarterly across the Trust’s footprint, are sure to prove a valuable asset in improvement journeys regardless of scope and size. This network is sure to grow and grow so to get involved, make sure you contact the team and get booked on to one of our i2i courses.

  • Training (i2i & Improvement Readiness)

    Training continues to be a priority for the Transformation and Change Team as a way of ensuring as many CWP colleagues are invested in Improvement as possible. Alongside a brief overview at inductions there are two internal courses offered by the Team – Introduction to Improvement (i2i) and Improvement Readiness.

    These interactive sessions give a practical base from which to start the improvement journey and equip colleagues with all the necessary tools to make CWP the best it can be. Additionally, thanks to our relationship with AQuA, colleagues can reach even higher levels of improvement training for free throughout the North West. For more information on AQuA visit

  • Project Twilight

    This project, based in Ancora House, is based on the patterns discovered involving incidents on a specific ward. Through data analysis it was established that an improvement project could be undertaken which may help to reduce the number of incidents in a set time on the ward. It was decided, as the first PDSA, to trial a new shift pattern over 3 months near the end of 2018 to see if this led towards the reduction of incidents.

    Evidence showed that there was a definite overall reduction of incidences on the ward in question, however further improvements regarding staff feedback will continue to be worked on through 2019 in the hope of developing the project and further improving the outcomes of the project.

  • Red2Green

    Red2Green has now been running for over a year and is now in a phase which is focusing on the sustainability of the project and embedding it with the culture of wards throughout CWP.

    The aim of Red2Green is to optimise patient flow through the identification of wasted time in a person’s journey and reduce both internal and external delays. This has successfully spread to 9 wards within CWP including Acute and Organic wards and is being trialled within community intensive support services in Wirral.

    Going into 2019 a steering group for the future of Red2Green will be established to support the continuous improvement of flow through inpatient services and ensure consistency in the approach across the Trust.

  • IAPT (Improved Access to Psychological Therapies) & PH (Physical Health) Single Point of Access

    Integrating the IAPT and Physical Health Single Point of Access is a new and exciting project that kicked off late in 2018 with the goal of streamlining a person’s access into services across physical and mental health.

    Though the project is still in its infancy, great progress has been made in mapping out the current and desired future states and identifying – with a view to eliminating – waste in the both current and future systems.

  • QI Strategy/Element 2

    The Transformation and Change Team have been working in collaboration with other clinical support services to build sustainable improvement capability within CWP by 2021(Element 2). The key primary drivers currently in development are:

    • Increasing Workforce Capability
    • Developing systems and process to embed a QI Culture
    • Developing systems that support measurement for improvement
    • Coproduction
    • Collaboration of clinical support services
    • Communication and engagement for culture change

    Element 2 is a key part of the QI Strategy and will enable the organisation to demonstrate the presence and maturity of a Quality Improvement (QI) approach. Promoting a consistent method and tools, engaging people (staff in both clinical and corporate teams, and people who use our services and their families) more deeply in identifying and testing ideas and using measurement to test if changes have led to improvement.

  • Updated Carenotes Gatekeeping form for Acute Care

    This project focused on helping practitioners to fully articulate rationales and benefits for admission into Acute Care and reduce repetition on the gatekeeping form.

    Through the design and PDSA process the opportunity to redefine gatekeeping to include all referrals, not just inpatient admission was taken to allow practitioners to better  prioritise who  required acute care, while also creating possibilities for all activity regarding referrals to be automatically recorded,

    While there is still room for further PDSA cycles, the new form has been well received and we look forward to further developing gatekeeping in 2019.

Please also note that the Transformation and Change Team now have a new email so can now be contacted at:  or by phone on the same number as always 01244397391

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