Transformation and Change Team Blog - January 2020

16 January 2020

Welcome to this month’s Transformation and Change Team Blog. We have had a busy couple of months with a number of different projects across the Trust. This month’s blog will focus on the project around NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) guidance, which aimed to improve the Trust’s assurance process surrounding our ability to comply with NICE guidance.

The Transformation and Change Team has worked closely with other clinical support services to develop a simple system that enables the Trust to determine and demonstrate CWP’s ability to comply with the relevant NICE guidance. Standard Operating Procedures have been produced in the form of a detailed flow chart to ensure that each NICE guideline is responded to appropriately and that staff are updated on all relevant guidance in a timely manner.  Several PDSA cycles were completed to get to where we are now and we are proud to have achieved such a well-defined working process.  


Assessing CWP’s ability to comply with NICE Guidance is reliant upon both clinical services and clinical support services.

The process begins with the Transformation and Change Team initially populating the NICE Baseline Assessment Template (for mental health specific guidance) and establishing which NICE guidelines can be confirmed as being ‘able to comply’ at a Trust wide level.

The next stage in the process involves engaging and involving clinical support services to provide assurance of our ability to comply with the specific NICE guidelines.  Any remaining NICE guidelines requiring specific clinical input are then sent to clinical services, via Care Group NICE representatives. This is in the form of a simple SharePoint clinical survey. So far, four clinical surveys have been sent out for completion; one focusing on delirium, one on post-traumatic stress disorder, one on self-harm in over 8’s and the other on motor neurone disease.  We would like to thank all staff who have completed the surveys.

We are currently working with the Knowledge Manager on the creation of an Access Database which will further improve the existing processes, particularly around the recording of information and the avoidance of duplication. This database will link to SharePoint and allow each Care Group to access all NICE guidelines that are relevant to them. Further communications will be produced on where to find the NICE SharePoint site once launched.

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