Value and efficiency: delivering the best person-centred care

30 January 2020

Anyone with a passing interest in the news will know that the subject of NHS finances is never far from the headlines.

While it can be easy to get caught up in the never-ending debates, opinions and agendas, it’s so important that we don’t lose sight of why we all chose to work in the NHS: to provide the best possible care to people in our communities.

Of course, the topic of NHS spending – indeed all public spending – has come into sharper focus in recent years following a period of wider economic instability. However, focusing our improvement efforts solely through this lens will ultimately miss the point when considering why better value in the NHS is so important.

By 2030, more than one in five people in the UK will be aged 65+. Clearly, people’s health needs are changing – both physical and mental. So how can we ensure that our services are resilient enough to be shaped around this evolving landscape?

There’s sometimes an assumption that reducing costs and improving quality are conflicting aims. Again, this is missing the point. At CWP we recognise that aiming to provide the best possible value – in the most efficient way – allows us to be flexible to the changing needs of our population. It’s a key part of future-proofing our services; it encourages us to embrace innovation and, most importantly, it ensures the continuity of high quality, person-centred care.

This is why our delivery of efficiency goes hand in hand with our Quality Improvement (QI) strategy. Our QI strategy asks us all to think about how we can help build the capacity and capability for improvement across all our services.

In recent years we’ve had great success in using QI tools and approaches to improve outcomes and experiences for people we serve – while also providing better value. Our annual Big Book of Best Practice includes some excellent examples of this in action, but I think one area we can all improve is how effectively we recognise and measure the added value we’re achieving through quality improvement. This will help us all a challenge I have put to each of our care groups.

To help meet this vision within my services, we’ve recently brought together our finance, procurement and performance teams into one Business and Value directorate – providing colleagues with a more streamlined and consistent network of support so they can focus more on what’s important.

At CWP we’re recognised as Outstanding for Caring and I’m so proud of the unwavering commitment we all share to delivering the best possible care. In the headlines I know the debate surrounding NHS finances rarely touches on the people at the centre of it all, but I hope this blog offers a useful insight into why, at CWP, our focus on providing better value and efficiency is underpinned by our commitment to helping everyone we serve be the best they can be.

If you have any feedback or questions about this subject I’d be delighted to hear from you. Just drop me a line on

Best wishes,

Tim Welch

Director of Business & Value

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