World Mental Health Day 2021 - Tim Welch blog

06 October 2021

This Sunday it’s World Mental Health Day. I feel strongly that a key part of my role is encouraging everyone to look after their mental health, especially after the events of the last 18 months. Find an approach that works for you and helps boost your mood, sleep better, and manage stress and anxiety.

I look after my mental health through a combination of running, walking, escaping into audiobooks and mindfulness. I have been very impressed during my #CWPcares visits by the way colleagues describe the day to day support you provide each other – including ensuring that colleagues are ok after a difficult shift.

This year the World Federation for Mental Health has chosen the theme: ‘mental health in an uneven world’; ensuring greater access to mental health services in lower economically developed countries.

At CWP we will be celebrating World Mental Health day throughout next week with a series of events including a special mental health themed Cheshire Chat engagement event. We have also been linking with partners across Cheshire and Wirral to focus on the following key messages (click on the links for more information):


  • If you need support with your mental health it’s important you reach out – you are not alone;
  • Help look out for the mental health of colleagues, friends, family and loved ones - there are many services available;
  • There is no ‘one size fits all’ - find the support that best suits you via a wide variety of self-help tools.

As well as talking more openly about the mental health challenges we face, at the same time we are making the case for properly resourced services. Whilst we are moving in the right direction, the pandemic has highlighted the need to go further and reach those in our communities who find it difficult to get the right support.

Alongside the #CWPCares visits, which I am thoroughly enjoying, we are also asking colleagues to let us know what you think about Trust plans for the future: to help tackle health inequalities and other key goals. If you have time, I’d appreciate it if you could complete the survey to help us gather as wide a range of views as possible. We are also encouraging colleagues to complete the NHS Staff Survey which seeks to understand your own experience of working at CWP.


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