Our People

People are the backbone of any successful organisation. At CWP, we are proud of the 3,500 staff, volunteers and Involvement Representatives who operate in a variety of roles to provide high-quality care for our service users and their families.

‘Our People’ includes all of the work we are doing to ensure we are the best possible organisation for our staff, carers and service users to work and receive care.

We want our people to feel valued and we are keen to recognise their achievements as part of this exciting campaign.

Key themes:

  • To attract and develop skilled, knowledgeable and innovative people who believe in our core values
  • To support the health and wellbeing of staff, carers and service users
  • To allow staff to have their say on the type of place they want to work for through ‘Big Conversations’
  • Attracting and recruiting the best

    Our recruitment processes are tailored to ensure we attract and develop skilled, knowledgeable and innovative people who believe in our core values

    During the recruitment process, we treat applicants as we would like to be treated – with short timescales and the quickest possible decisions. All new starters are then given a thorough, job specific induction to help them to settle into their role.

    We try to make the best possible use of each individual’s skills, knowledge and experience during their employment with us.

    To find our more or to apply for our current vacancies visit Working for us.


  • Supporting health and wellbeing

    We aim to provide a working environment that enables our people to perform to the best of their ability.

    We value the diversity of our people, recognising that everyone has a unique contribution to make through their skills, knowledge and experience. We support this by offering our people a range of opportunities to develop within their role.

    Our Health & Wellbeing Strategy ensures we provide an environment that promotes the health and wellbeing of our people.

    Find out more about our Staff Health and Wellbeing Resources.


  • 'Big Conversations'

    ‘Big Conversations’ enable staff to take ownership of the type of place they want to work in, and to identify solutions to the various challenges we face as an organisation. These conversations consist of two-way discussions between senior staff, their colleagues and members so that everyone has the opportunity to bring about positive change to our services.

    In order to reach a wide range of people from all backgrounds and localities, the ‘Big Conversations’ campaign will include local drop-in sessions, intranet discussion forums, staff roadshows, ‘Going the Extra Mile’ presentations and front line visits from Executive staff.

    We will measure participation and engagement and monitor all feedback and ideas to improve staff satisfaction and effectiveness, resulting in even better care for our service users.


  • NHS 70 Stories

    Vivienne Williamson, Head of Resources

    I joined CWP nearly 14 years ago in an administration role because although I didn’t have a clinical background, I wanted a role that made a difference in healthcare.   I have been very fortunate, after a number of years in Temporary Staffing and now the Resourcing team, to have worked with staff across the Trust to support their services and have a positive impact.  In that time CWP has seen some significant changes but throughout all the challenges everyone I have worked with has been focused on excellent patient care and, in my experience, this sense of purpose has remained a constant across all our clinical and support services. 


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