HR3.10 Organisational change policy and procedure

Human Resources (Policies)
Issue No
Issue 3

Target Audience

All CWP staff


Staff in the NHS work in an increasingly complex and ever changing environment which requires services and teams to adapt and change to meet the needs of the populations they serve. In addition, in order to ensure change is implemented in a consistent, fair and quality way CWP needs to have a robust policy and associated procedures that sets out practices for managing and supporting staff through change; irrespective of the scale of each individual change programme.

This policy sets out the framework within which CWP managers will undertake organisational change.


Lead executive
Director of People & Organisational Development

Author and contact number
Head of Human Resources
01244 393116

Policy dates & history

Implementation Date

31 January 2019

Approval Meeting

People and Organisational Sub Committee


HR3.10 Issue 3 Organisational Change Policy and Procedure.pdf

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