Wirral Integrated Disability Service

The Wirral integrated disability service consists of a range of skilled staff from social care including: 

  • Advanced Practitioners
  • Social Workers 
  • Care Navigators

It forms part of the wider Wirral All Age Disability Service.

The teams: 

  • Help get services: through assessment and support planning make sure the right services are provided;
  • Coordinate services: making sure that the support, health and other services involved are focused on the service users' outcomes;
  • Communicate: support service users facilitating communication about progress in achieving outcomes and responding to queries from services involved. 

The main roles of the service are:

  • Assessment, support planning, re-assessment and reviews of progress of adults with lifelong conditions and complex needs acquired before the age of 18.
  • Undertaking Mental Capacity assessments and associated legal work
  • Working collaboratively with health colleagues at other organisations to provide advanced assessments 

The Integrated Disability Service follows the Assessment and Support Planning processes for Social Work services to deliver: 

  • Better outcomes for service users in terms of their health and wellbeing, skills and the part they play in their community
  • The safety of service users and that their experience of services is personalised, reliably delivered and achieves positive
  • Support to generically available services and other specialist services to enable them to respond better to service users
  • Support to generically available services to ensure they are aware of service user’s support needs and supporting planning, and how  to prevent and / or respond to crisis.


Social care staff will work jointly with other professionals with the Care Programme Approach, where it applies. This process ensure that service users with a high level of need are allocated a care coordinator who will work in partnership with the service user to develop a personalised careplan that meets their needs. The different parts of the careplan will include:

  • Description of the presenting issues
  • Any risks involved
  • The service users strengths
  • What needs to be done to deliver good outcomes for the service user that supports their recovery
  • Who should be doing what
  • The service user’s and the carer’s views – which will then be written down and given to all those involved including the service user and carers.


Referrals are received from:

  • Adults Integrated Gateway (provided by Wirral Community Trust)
  • Children's Integrated Front Door
  • People who use services
  • GPs (directly into the Single Point of Access and not via the Gateway)
  • Health and social care professionals, including:
    - Care providers
    - Local colleges and schools
    - Housing organisations
    - Advocacy services
    - Police
    - Probation services


Adults with lifelong conditions and complex needs acquired before the age of 18.

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Millennium Centre
Twickenham Drive
CH46 1PQ

Telephone number

0151 666 3460

How to find us

Millennium Centre

The Millenium Centre is where we provide our Wirral Children with Disabilities Service and Wirral Integrated Disability Services teams.

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